Residential Garage Doors in Boston

There are many custom garage doors in Massachusetts, some are residential heavy duty custom garage doors, and some are residential single car garage doors. And we would like to say one thing: every custom garage garage door in Boston, that was properly installed by a professional and experienced contractor, and that was built from high quality garage doors parts, designed for the American standard, should work with no issues for many years, as long as it is being maintained and lubricated every 6 months. This is the reason that we only hire experienced and professional garage doors techs, and why we only use high quality garage doors and parts, so we know that whenever we finish a garage door project in Boston, whether it is a garage door replacement in Massachusetts, or garage door service in Boston MA, we are adding one more person to our long list of satisfied customers.


Garage Door Repair Boston isn’t the only garage door company in Boston. But we like to think that we are the best. There are many garage doors companies in Boston, each one will declare that they offer the best new custom garage garage doors and the best garage door service in MA. We are not here to determine which one is the best garage door company in Boston, but what we can tell you is that Garage Door Repair Boston is a company that even after 20 years of servicing home owners in Boston, always remained leading in the custom garage doors field. We have never left a customer who wasn’t hundred percent satisfied with our service, and that the door did not work in a perfect, and no less important in a safe way. It can be emergency double garage door repairs in Massachusetts, or rolling door repairs in Boston, we will always be there to fix the problem.

We are professional, and there was never a garage door issue in Boston we couldn’t solve. We installed complicated residential custom garage doors in MA, and we replaced heavy duty residential torsion springs, the idea is that when we finished, the door was working just like new again. There is only one scenario in which we will say no and refuse to service a garage door in Boston, when repairing the door mean that the door will be safe to use. We are licensed and insured, and our responsibility is to know that when we will leave the customer’s house, we will leave the customer with a garage door that operate smoothly and safe for use, like every custom garage door we fixed or installed in Boston is and will be.

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Garage Door Repair Boston believe that a good service - no matter if it is garage door repairs, or fixing a double garage door –start from one basic thing: you need to love what you do, and you need to enjoy sharing your knowledge and help those who need your service. We at Garage Door Repair Boston love our job, and after many years in the garage door repair field, we have a lot to share. If you ask one of our garage doors customers in Boston, they will tell you the same thing, if you need custom garage door service in MA, you can trust Garage Door Repair Boston to do the best job for an honest price. You can trust them to come on time, to do a professional job, and to give you a fair price, no matter how small or big is the project. It can be basic garage door maintenance, or new residential custom garage door installation, we can do the job, and make your garage work again by the end of the day. From broken garage door service in MA, to residential custom garage door in Boston, you know you can trust us to be there for you today.


We place a premium on giving every customer in Boston our attention and care that exceeds expectations. There is no compromise in this respect and this is why we take up only limited projects that allow us to give the personal care and custom made solutions that we are so well known for.

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